About us

About us

Stage Tech

Stage Tech

Founded in 2013. It’s an institution for theater technology, digital marketing, government events and international companies. We proudly provide the latest advanced sound system, lighting and screen equipment to the entertainment industry, conveying our clients’ view of reality and we helped organize many conferences and exhibitions.

Management Team

Osama Ali Al-Ghamdi


Hassan Ahmed Al-Juhani

Business Development Manager

Mohammed Kashif Jamil

Events Manager, (M.I.C.E.)


Stage Tech provides you with all the services with high-quality, innovative creative solutions on continuous basis, and works constantly developing these services. We have mapped out the strategy for stages technology and event organization so that our focus revolves around the client’s dreams. Therefore, with our contribution, the equipment has been provided based on the latest technologies that will make the event an unforgettable memory and transport the attendees to a special world characterized by sophistication and luxury. Art has skills that only specialists can master. Creativity and persuasion, commitment and uniqueness, this is where we came from.

WHY Stage Tech

first to introduce Fog Screen technology into the Saudi market
creative and innovative solutions
understand their spirit and the message Event owner wish to communicate and offer
professional lighting and event screens for exhibitions, conferences, and concerts, and many other

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